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Industry email address database

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Pack Industrie

File of 130.488 industry pack email addresses

The 130.488 email addresses of the industry pack are provided on an Excel file with the columns NAME - ADDRESS - POSTAL CODE - CITY - TELEPHONE - EMAIL ADDRESS - ACTIVITY

We can offer you the purchase of a selection of the file for a department or region. The best thing is to go to the section Contact and send us your request. We will reply to you by e-mail with the corresponding count and estimate.

The Industry pack contains all the complete e-mail address databases:

- Lifting and securing accessories
- Steel: steel and processed products (manufacture, trade)
- Reinforcements for concrete
- Weapons and ammunition (manufacture, wholesale)
- Automation of industrial and building processes (studies, installation)
- Wood for development, construction
- Firewood
- Wood import, export wood
/>- Logs
- Exotic wood
- Bolts, screws, nails
- Grinding, screening, spraying
- Gratings and metal floors
- Corrugated cardboard ( manufacturing, processing)
- Industrial boilermaking
- Bending and bending of sheet metal and tubes
- Collection, sorting, treatment of household waste
- Compressors
- Design, realization of makeup ettes, prototypes
- Construction of furnaces
- Mechanical construction
- Metal constructions
- Pickling, degreasing (preparation of surfaces)
- Bar turning, turning
/>- Cutting and stamping
- Locksmith troubleshooting
- Industrial designers
- Petroleum distribution and derivatives
- Distribution, maintenance of fire extinguishers
- Electricity: installations industrial
- Electromechanical
- Electronics: equipment and components (manufacture, wholesale)
- Packaging, wooden packaging
- Packaging, cardboard packaging, paper
- Bottling
- Nuclear energy (equipment, studies)
- Gears and transmission components
- Handling and lifting companies
- Metal joinery companies
- Electricity companies industrial
- Maintenance, repair of industrial engines
- Petroleum equipment
- Essu ie-hands and soap distributors (manufacture, rental-maintenance)
- Stamping, stamping
- Various experts
- Quarrying
- Oil exploration, production
- Fire extinguishing: equipment and supplies (manufacture, wholesale)
- Manufacture of accumulators and electric batteries
- Manufacture of crushers
- Manufacture of tiling, paving
- Manufacture of cardboard
- Manufacture of ceramics
- Manufacture of chains
- Manufacture of metal structures
- Manufacture of cement and lime
- Manufacture of glues < br />- Manufacture of passive electronic components
- Manufacture of vending machines
- Manufacture of die cuts
- Manufacture of gaskets
- Manufacture of construction materials < br />- Manufacture of electric motors
- Manufacture of heat engines
- Manufacture of parquet floors - Manufacture of heat pumps
- Manufacture of springs
- Manufacture of soaps, detergents and detergents
- Manufacture of valves
- Manufacture of labels
- Manufacture, distribution of equipment for air conditioning, aeration, ventilation
- Manufacture, import of optical glass
- Manufacture, installation of meters
- Manufacture, installation, repair of pumps < br />- Manufacture, sale of pens and pencils
- Manufacture, sale of glazing, glass products, mirrors
- Manufacture, repair, maintenance of naval and river constructions
- Manufacture, sale of basic pharmaceutical products
- Manufacture, sale, installation of signs, illuminated signs
- Ironwork (miscellaneous)
- Artistic ironwork
- Air filters and gas
- Filters and filter elements
- Hoses (manufacture, wholesale)
- Foundries
- Artistic foundries
- Blacksmith s, farriers, wheelwrights
- Industrial brakes
- Industrial fumeserie
- Galvanization, tin plating, lead plating
- Industrial gases
- Natural gas
- Metal engraving and decoration
- Metal grilles and curtains
- Aeronautical and space industries
- Engineering, design offices (construction)
- Engineering, design offices (industry)
- Engineering, design offices (infrastructure)
- Rental of industrial equipment
- Eyewear (manufacture)
- Woodworking machinery, pvc, aluminum and tools (manufacture, trade)
- Industrial maintenance
- Industrial marking
- Handling and lifting equipment
- Railway rolling stock
- Hydraulic equipment
/>- Thermal, aeraulic and refrigeration equipment (manufacturing, wholesale)
- Agricultural mechanics
- Precision mechanics and tools
- General mechanics
- Mixers and kneaders (manufacturing) < br />- Me industrial carpentry
- Metallization
- Metallurgy
- Ores and minerals (wholesale)
- Modellers-mechanics
- Aerial platforms, platforms (sale, rental) < br />- Wood trade
- Scientific and technical research organizations
- Mechanical tools
- Pneumatic tools
- Wood panels: plywood, fibres, particles, laminates (manufacture , sale)
- Lightning arresters, lightning conductors
- Perfumery: raw materials and essences
- Perfumery and cosmetics (manufacture, wholesale)
- Paint, varnish, similar products (manufacture, wholesale )
- Vacuum pumps
- Industrial doors
- Forming, cutting and stamping presses
- Cardboard production
- Production, distribution of butane and propane gas < br />- Chemical products (manufacture, wholesale)
- Phytosanitary products (trade, application)
- Fire protection: equipment, installation, maintenance
- Hardware (retail)
- Hardware (manufacture, wholesale)
- Oil refineries
- Metal shelving
- Grinding, machining, milling
- Recovery, treatment of industrial waste
- Recovery, treatment of iron and metals
- Speed reducers
- Spinning on metals
- Electrolytic and chemical coatings
- Industrial coatings
- Non-metallic coatings (enamelling, painting, plastic coating)
- Sandblasting, shot-blasting, polishing
- Sand, pebbles and aggregates
- Wood sawmills
- Locksmithing, metalwork
- Water treatment services
- Industrial incineration services
- Drafting of plans
- Industrial sheet metal work
- Cooperage
- Wood turners
- Surface treatment (works, equipment)
- Transp. rail
- Drilling, sounding, construction of wells
- Welding work
- Rail work
- Maritime, hydraulic and river work
- Wire drawing
- Industrial piping
- Sale, rental of generators
- Motor, hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, winches and hoists
- Industrial glassware


All the e-mail address files of the Industry Pack are provided with all the columns NAME - ADDRESS - CP - CITY - TEL - EMAIL - ACTIVITY but also SIRET - NAF - TURNOVER - RESULT - WORKFORCE


Our databases are only in FRANCE.


Database last update : July 04 2024

We send the database in an excel file by email a few minutes after your order, from Monday to Friday. There can be one or more email addresses for the same company. On our site Base-Emails.com, the email files are prepared for on order because we check and check the validity of the email addresses every day, this guarantees you the best success rate for your emailing campaigns.
Opening and processing times for your order: Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. / 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.

We do not send sample bases.
We can offer you the purchase of a selection of the file for a department or region. The best thing is to go to the Contact section and send us your request. We will reply to you by e-mail with the corresponding count and estimated cost.

Does the GDPR impact prospecting rules?
No: The GDPR does not change the rules applicable to prospecting emails, whether they are B2B or B2C.

Since the message is related to the profession of the recipient, you do not need an OPT-IN (or prior consent).
The GDPR therefore has nothing to do with it and nothing changes as it stands.
On the other hand:
- you must provide a valid OPT-OUT on the BtoB email.
- you must of course comply with all the rules of the GDPR, including: right to information, unsubscription, data security...

Gain efficiency with our targeted and qualified e-mail prospecting file database. The indicated quantity of e-mail addresses database takes into account the number of unique e-mail addresses without duplicates throughout France. Once your purchase of e-mail address database made, vyou can send your e-mailing on the platform of your choice or via www.envoi-emails.com. We are a supplier of professional database of e-mail addresses but also of telephone numbers databases, SMS databases, and FAX bases. See also the Frequently Asked Questions about our e-mail files.
If you have any further questions or special requests about e-mail databases, please contact us.