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Teaching e-mail address database

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adresse email enseignement education

140.661 email addresses in the Education sector

The 140.661 email addresses are provided on an XLS file with the columns NAME - ADDRESS - CP - CITY - TEL - ACTIVITY - EMAIL

We can offer you the purchase of a selection of file on a department or region. The best thing is to go to the section Contact and send us your request. We will answer you by e-mail with the corresponding count and estimate.

The file contains the e-mail addresses of the following activities:

  • learning,
  • graphic arts, plastic arts (courses),
  • archives and documentation centers,
  • private colleges, public colleges,
  • conservatories,
  • language courses,
  • correspondence courses, distance learning,
  • private lessons, tutoring,
  • private nursery schools, public nursery schools,
  • private primary schools, public primary schools,
  • education: hairdressing, beauty,
  • education: commerce, management, information technology,
  • education: coordinating bodies and management of private establishments,
  • education: artistic professions,
  • education: social, paramedical,
  • < li>education: tourism, cooking, hospitality,
  • higher education private, public higher education,
  • continuing education,
  • computer training,
  • vocational training,
  • music and singing lessons,< /li>
  • private agricultural high schools, public agricultural high schools,
  • private general and technological high schools, public general and technological high schools,
  • teaching high schools private vocational and technical schools, public vocational and technical schools,
  • organization of language trips,
  • school and professional guidance and information


Our databases are only in FRANCE.


Database last update : July 04 2024

We send the database in an excel file by email a few minutes after your order, from Monday to Friday. There can be one or more email addresses for the same company. On our site Base-Emails.com, the email files are prepared for on order because we check and check the validity of the email addresses every day, this guarantees you the best success rate for your emailing campaigns.
Opening and processing times for your order: Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. / 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.

We do not send sample bases.
We can offer you the purchase of a selection of the file for a department or region. The best thing is to go to the Contact section and send us your request. We will reply to you by e-mail with the corresponding count and estimated cost.

Does the GDPR impact prospecting rules?
No: The GDPR does not change the rules applicable to prospecting emails, whether they are B2B or B2C.

Since the message is related to the profession of the recipient, you do not need an OPT-IN (or prior consent).
The GDPR therefore has nothing to do with it and nothing changes as it stands.
On the other hand:
- you must provide a valid OPT-OUT on the BtoB email.
- you must of course comply with all the rules of the GDPR, including: right to information, unsubscription, data security...

Gain efficiency with our targeted and qualified e-mail prospecting file database. The indicated quantity of e-mail addresses database takes into account the number of unique e-mail addresses without duplicates throughout France. Once your purchase of e-mail address database made, vyou can send your e-mailing on the platform of your choice or via www.envoi-emails.com. We are a supplier of professional database of e-mail addresses but also of telephone numbers databases, SMS databases, and FAX bases. See also the Frequently Asked Questions about our e-mail files.
If you have any further questions or special requests about e-mail databases, please contact us.

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